This is the height of the threshold into the tub. A traditional bathtub has a threshold of 15 inches. The average step up is between three and seven inches, although some wheelchair-accessible ones are lower. Entering and leaving the tub requires no high leg lifting or balancing.

Watertight Door

​Tubs are sealed with a watertight door. Depending on the type, the door will either swing inward or outward. Even though the door provides a tight seal, closing it can usually be done by someone with minimal arm strength.

Hand-Held Shower Head

A hand-held shower head is a great way to bathe while sitting down. Most shower heads have adjustable pressure and spray. A hand-held shower head allows for full body cleaning even for someone who has limited mobility.

Built-In Chair

A built in chair for comfort and safety.


Traditional tubs are about one foot deep, but walk-in tubs average a depth of two and a half feet. This extra depth creates a spa-like experience. Many tubs also have jets and other features designed to soothe sore muscles and relieve pain.

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Taylor Walk-In Tubs prides itself on being a top quality walk-in tub provider. Our walk-in bathtubs are manufactured with perfection for your comfort. Taylor Walk-In Tubs products are known for their durability. 

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